Josh Carpenter

I'm a user experience designer based in Vancouver, Canada. Most recently I led design teams at Google and Mozilla, working to bring virtual and augmented reality to the open web. My experience is a mix of product leadership, interaction design, visual design, motion graphics, programming and community engagement. A fox—not a hedgehog. Since 2019 I've been traveling and working on a series of personal projects, including an Electron-based Markdown editor and a deep dive into climate change.

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Work History

Google Staff UX Designer - Daydream
Mozilla UX Lead - Mozilla VR
Mozilla Interaction Design Lead - Firefox OS
New Space Creative Director
VFS Instructor - 3D & Motion
Big Green Senior Designer


Rising Seas

Climate How much will sea levels rise, and how fast? What are the drivers? How do we measure sea level rise in the first place? A summary from my climate research notes.


Climate To what degree are storms increasing in severity and frequency? What are the causes and potential impacts? A summary from my climate research notes.

Dying Oceans

Climate What damages are we seeing in marine ecosystems? What are the causes, and future projections? A summary from my climate research notes.

Residential Solar Power

Climate Notes on the basic science, typical components and sample configurations of residential solar installations.

Nuclear Facility Flooding

Climate Nuclear power plants are commonly built near the sea. What is their risk exposure to sea level rise and increasing storm severity? A summary from my climate research notes.

Other Projects


ARCore: Augmented Reality at Android scale Augmented World Expo
Future of the VR Web Awwwards LA
The Future of Immersive Experiences on the Web Chrome Dev Summit
Designing the VR Browser W3C Workshop on WebVR
Future of the Immersive Web Forward 4 Web Summit
UX Design for WebVR SFHTML5
Virtual Reality & The Future of the Web Push UX