A-Frame VR

A-Frame is a framework for creating VR web experiences. I was Product lead and internal customer of the first release. Initially created by Diego Marcos of the Mozilla VR team as an internal tool to accelerate prototyping, A-Frame makes it easy for existing web developers to create VR content by wrapping complex JavaScript in approachable HTML custom elements such as <a-cube> and <a-sky>. Power users can also create and share their own building blocks, helping to build a community of collaboration. During development of the 1.0 release I created demos, wrote documentation, contributed to the API, and designed the rollout touchpoints (logo, site, etc).

E-commerce concept

Since launch, under the stewardship of Diego and Kevin Ngo, A-Frame has become one of the most popular ways to create VR web content, with a worldwide community of tens of thousands of developers and open source contributors. The animations on this page are screen captures of a few of the documentation samples I created during development, including an animated version of the A-Frame logo.

Anime UI concept
A-Frame logo, animated in A-Frame
Josh Carpenter

Hello! I'm a Staff UX Designer for Google Maps, based in Vancouver, Canada. Previously I led design teams at Google and Mozilla working to bring virtual and augmented reality to the open web. Since 2019 I've been traveling and working on a series of personal projects, including an Electron-based Markdown editor and a deep dive into climate change.

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